Tuna with gremolata and risotto

This dish tastes harmonious and if you have not tried fresh tuna before, I can recommend it. It is cooked much like steak and is easy to like for people who Continue reading "Tuna with gremolata and risotto"

Risotto with tuna and pesto

I remember risotto as somewhat tired stuff from my childhood, but I have since learned that it can be both scrumptious and with exciting accessories, it is a lovely dinner. The tuna in Continue reading "Risotto with tuna and pesto"

Mammas crab risotto

Mamma's crab risotto is fantastically good and a nice change from natural crab on a slice of bread. Mamma's crab risotto can be used both as a main course, a starter and as a lunch dish. The recipe is suitable for Continue reading "Mum's crab risotto"

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