Pea soup like grandma made it

Pea soup, as grandma made it, tastes indescribably good. Pea soup is a delicious traditional dish and can be used for both dinner, lunch and supper. In my childhood we often used larger pieces Continue reading "Pea soup as grandma made it"

Potato and leek soup

Potato and leek soup tastes much better than you might think. It is also very filling and suitable for serving to hungry wolves. This recipe is suitable for 6 people. Continue reading "Potato and leek soup"

Cauliflower soup

Cauliflower soup can be bought in bags, but it is just as easy to make it yourself. It also tastes much better. This recipe is suitable for 4 people. 1 cauliflower 1⁄2 finely chopped onion Continue reading "Cauliflower soup"

Cajunstyle chicken soup

Cajun style chicken soup is one of my favorite soups. The Cajun is an ethnic group that lives in the state of Louisiana in the United States. Cajun cuisine is particularly known for its simple and rustic food that takes Continue reading "Cajunstyle chicken soup"

Cauliflower soup with parmesan and crispy bacon

Cauliflower soup with parmesan and crispy bacon is very good, with the salty taste from both the cheese and the bacon. 1 cauliflower 1/2 finely chopped onion 8 dl water 2 chicken stock cubes 2 dl Continue reading "Cauliflower soup with parmesan and crispy bacon"

Tomato soup with bacon

Tomato soup with bacon tastes extra good when the days are cold, but is suitable all year round, as a lunch, starter or evening snack. 1 finely chopped onion 1 finely chopped carrot 1/2 finely chopped chilli 2 cloves Continue reading "Tomato soup with bacon"

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Creamy fishsoup

Creamy fish soup tastes good and is suitable as lunch, starter, main course and evening snack. This is made with salmon, but you can use other types of fish and make a combination Continue reading "Creamy fish soup"

Pho - my favorite soup from Vietnam

It takes a little time to make pho (pronounced FØ), but it's not that much work, just a lot of waiting. This soup is my absolute favorite soup from Vietnam and it is Continue reading “Pho – my favorite soup from Vietnam”

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