Tuna in the Japanese way

600 g fersk tunfisk

Salt and pepper

30 g hvite sesamfrø

30 g svarte sesamfrø

Season the tuna with salt and pepper. Mix the sesame seeds over a plate and roll the tuna in it so that it is evenly covered. Heat a frying pan with the oil. Brown the tuna quickly on all sides. It should only have one crust. Let it rest before serving.

Cut the tuna into thin slices and serve on plates. Spread the salad over and drizzle over the dressing.


1 liten agurk i tynne strimler

4 reddiker i tynne strimler

1 bunt koriander, kun bladene

3 vårløk, finstrimlet

A little fries salad, finely shredded

Shred the salad accessories into matchstick-thin strips.


1 rød chili renset for frø, finhakket

2 dl teryiakisaus

4 ss riseddik

2 ss sesamolje

2 ts sukker

2 lime, revet skall og saften

Oil for frying

Mix together the ingredients for the dressing.

Served either alone or with rice or noodles.


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