I'm a lady in my prime, something I've been for a while

I love food and interior design and love to travel. I always come home with the same souvenir, a cookbook in English with local recipes. This means that I have several hundred cookbooks, which I will count a week I get some time to spare. I test out all the new ingredients I can come across, with varying degrees of success.

My motto is: "How can you know it's not the best thing you've ever eaten, if you do not taste?". My taste panel is my boyfriend, my two sons, friends and family. Both my girlfriend, who is also my husband and my oldest son, are thousand artists. They can make almost anything from any piece of plank and I show some of the beauty they have made in my blog. My other son has become a really good hobby chef and specializes in food from the East. Some recipes are also from my niece. She is a master of desserts and cakes.

The blog started as a cookbook for me and my loved ones, but has grown ever larger. I hope you will also find joy in my blog and try some of the recipes.

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