Italy: Tasting of wine and truffle hunting at Josetta Saffirio

Like the last time we were in Barolo, we also had to go to Sara this time. The labels are fun with a pixie on. Santa is a gnome, who is from children's stories, retold in this family. The wine should be a winner on Norwegian tables at Christmas, since it is available in the order selection at the pole in Norway now.

We bring home a magnum bottle of Barolo from here. We get our names on the label and it's really cool, I think.

Sara started the tour by telling a little about the history of the vineyard.

We had not been on a truffle hunt before, but it was a fascinating experience. When the dog gets puppies, they smear truffle oil on its breast, so the puppies associate the smell of truffles with mom and food. When they grow up, they become eternal truffle hunters.

When the dog was released, it ran around at high speed between the hazelnut trees with its nose in the ground. Suddenly it stopped and started digging. The dog owner came running, gave the dog a treat and dug up the truffle himself. We got to eat the self-hunted truffle in connection with the wine tasting afterwards. It can not be fresher.

Since the last time we were here, they have started with the production and sale of several products with truffle and honey, in addition to a great olive oil. Of course, we were tempted to take several of them home.