Happy New Year to all Aperitivos readers

Happy New Year to all Aperitivomat's readers. Then we have come to the last day of the year and the day to decorate a little extra with silver and glitter, or whatever you want. I think it's extra fun to decorate the New Year's table, indeed the whole dining room, for this evening.

You will find more suggestions for table settings HERE .

Our menu today consists of beef carpaccio with arugula, balsamic vinegar, pistachios and parmesan for starters. For the main course, we will have halibut with almond flakes and an absolutely delicious sauce with an exciting spice taste. The dessert is Queen Maudfromash.

Then I would like to thank you for your attention in 2021 and wish everyone a wonderful New Year's celebration. I hope you'll still stay tuned in 2022, because I have a lot more to show you.

Happy New Year!

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