Cheese and biscuits with exciting accessories

Cheese and biscuits can be much more than a little cheese with grapes. I think it is often the case that the worse the cheese smells, the better it tastes, but there are exceptions.

Cheese and biscuits with exciting accessories
Cheese and biscuits with exciting accessories

When I serve cheese and biscuits, I try to use something for every taste and I like to look after the guests a little, because some are more advanced than others and children usually want the simplest flavors. Here I have used Germain, Langres, Saint Agur, Le Roule with chili, Castello with pepper and Castello with pineapple and well-aged camembert from Eiker farm.

As an accessory, I have made this delicious bowl with honey glazed, dried fruit and walnuts. It is easy to make and tastes absolutely beautiful.

Honey-glazed, dried fruits and walnuts:

4 dried apricots

2 figs

4 dates

1 dl liquid honey

1 dl coarsely chopped walnuts

2 rosemary leaves

Cut the fruit into small cubes. Heat the honey in a saucepan on a low temperature together with the fruit. Pull the pan aside and stir in the walnuts and rosemary leaves. Pour the mixture into a glass. It tastes best if you leave it until the next day, but it can also be eaten straight away if you don't have time to wait.

In addition, I have used canned cherries and added some port wine. In the berry season, I use either fresh cherries or cherries, rather over port wine and let it soak overnight before using them.

It tastes lovely with fresh figs and sweet, tasty strawberries.

I also use grapes, watermelon, gallia melon or honeydew melon and peppers. Everything must be sweet and good.

It is good with jam and chutney for the cheese. There are many exciting ones, both in well-stocked grocery stores, but also in specialty stores and at food markets. There you often get to taste, before you buy too.

The last recommendation this time is braised boretta onions from Jacobs and tastes great with cheese.

Cheese and biscuits with exciting accessories

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