The self-made outdoor kitchen, a lovely place to be

The self-made outdoor kitchen is the best patio on our property. As soon as possible in early summer, we unpack the homemade outdoor kitchen, wash it, connect water, lay out kitchen utensils and decorate with more and less practical items.

It is absolutely beautiful to be able to cook in the self-made outdoor kitchen after a full day at the office. As soon as the weather is right, I make my food here.

The baskets pictured above are from the Riviera Maison.

The wooden boxes we use as shelves for the self-made outdoor kitchen have been bought in an interior design store.

I decorate with both flowers and herbs.

Behind the curtain we have a water heater of 30 ltr. Just fit for some dishes. In addition, the gas for the hotplates is there.


Small sweet jars from Green Gate can be used for e.g. toothpicks. 

The fine Norwegian glasses with lids and straws are great and make it not so easy to get wasps with what you drink.

The salt and pepper mill is from Zassenhaus.


A little jealous maybe, but since most of the decoration is in pink, I have bought knives, ladles, kettle and mixer in pink as well.


The nice home-knitted cloth, I got from a friend. The soaps and cup handles come from Green Gate. In the baskets I have flour, pasta, rice, buns and other equipment I need in cooking.

Now we can only hope for good weather this summer, so we can enjoy ourselves and cook in the self-made outdoor kitchen.

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