Beregne matmengde per person

Calculating the amount of food per person is not always easy. Two young, active men eat e.g. often much more than an older woman. This table shows how I calculate the amount of food, but I always adjust for who comes. Among other things, I calculate double serving for my nephew, but a little smaller than what was suggested for my mother. In any case, I think it's better if there are some leftovers, than for the guests to go home hungry. By the way, most of the food can be used the next day, either heated, as it is, or as an ingredient in a new dish.


Lunch Appetizer Accessories for main course Dessert comment
Salat 150 g 150 g 100 g
Cooked vegetables 150 g
Beans, peas, lentils 60 g
Rice (uncooked) 60 g
Cake (ukokt) 50 g 40 g 75 g
Potatoes 200 g
Casserole without bones 150 g
Casserole meat w / bones 250 g
Pork chops 300 g
Mutton cabbage meat 300 g
Fillet and beef 200 g
Roast, boneless 200 g
Stek m/me 300 g
Minced meat for spitting 150 g
Sausages 150 g
spare ribs 500 g
Lamb ribs 500 g
Offal 150 g
Ribs 150 g 350 g
Chicken, whole 500 g
Chicken, fillet 100 200 g
Turkey, hell 500 g
Turkey fillet 100 200 g
Fish and shellfish
Sliced fish with bones 400 g
Fish fillet 100 g 200 g
Lever 100 g
Rogn 150 g
Shrimp incl. shall 200 g 500 g
Mussels incl. Shell 200 g 500 g
Crab incl. shall 500 g
Lobster / crayfish incl. shall 500 g
Lutefisk 500 g
Side dishes
Tapas / cold table 500 g Bread comes in addition
Spekemat 150 g Accessories are added
Ost 200 g Accessories are added
Sjysaus 0.5 dl
Cream sauce 1 DL
Dressing 0.5 dl 0.25 dl 0.5 dl
Ost 150 g 50 g 200 g 75 g
Soup 3 dl 2 dl 4 dl
Fruit porridge 2 dl
Fresh fruit 200 g
Desserts 1 DL
Kake 1-2 pieces
Pudding 200 g


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