Diabetes cake with peanuts

This cake is easy and should not be baked. It tastes good, even for people who are not diabetics.

110 grams of peanuts

60 grams of oatmeal

50 g dairy butter

30 grams of sugar-free chocolate

2 ss sukrin gold

Chop the chocolate into pieces. Melt the butter, add the sukrin gold and stir it together. Take the pan off the plate and melt the chocolate in the butter. Chop peanuts and oatmeal into a fine mass in a food processor and mix with the butter mixture. Distribute in a small form, about 10 x 15 cm.


2 dl cream

4 ss sukrin gold

100 g butter

Peanuts for garnish


Melt the butter, add the sukrin gold and cream and let it cook on low heat until it thickens approx. 30 min. Stir occasionally. Pour the caramel into the mold and sprinkle with peanuts and maldon salt.

Put the cake in the freezer for an hour before serving.

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