Fondue - forth from oblivion

If you are one of those who have an old fondue set standing, you can safely bring it out again. It's nice to gather around a fondue and it's just the imagination that limits the accessories. Fondue originally comes from Switzerland, but spread over large parts of the world in my childhood.

Fondue - from oblivion

Different types of meat are an important part of the fondue. In addition, various sauces, spices and other desired accessories are presented.

Fondue - from oblivion

I have some suggestions, which can make the fondue more exciting than the last time you dusted it off.

We think it's good with more potatoes, so I like to make a punch in the oven, such as slightly angry oven potatoes .

A salad is well suited and can be varied according to taste and liking.

The sauce (s) taste best when they are homemade, so take a look HERE and let yourself be tempted. I can recommend blue mold sauce, which is hot and aioli, which is cold.


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