Autumn is here - not my favorite time, but trying to make the best of it

Now it is impossible to get away. Autumn is here and I just have to make the best of it, and even though spring is my favorite time of year, I must admit that the autumn colors are great 🤩

I traveled to my local garden center and bought a fire top, a climbing plant, a pumpkin, a cute mushroom figure with a porcupine, soil, gravel and a wicker basket, to stuff the glory up.

Now I'm so lucky to have a mum who's good at embroidering, so I put the beautiful autumn piece in the hallway and put my artwork on top. It is cozy to come from the rain and freezing cold outside and into the heat and this little autumn decoration.

Since it is wet and cold, I think it is extra good with a little soup. How about this delicious, homemade tomato soup? You can find the recipe HERE .


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