Iceland: Sæta Svínid Gastropub

Iceland: Sæta Svínid Gastropub in Reykjavik was the first place we ate in Iceland and was a good choice for a lunch. Sæta Svínid means cute pig and our experience was also "sweet". A gastropub is a pub that serves gourmet food and is a term from the 1990s. In addition to the usual menu, Sæta Svínid Gastropub had a Christmas menu.

Iceland: Sæta Svínid Gastropub
Iceland: Sæta Svínid Gastropub

The service was pleasant and helpful and the atmosphere was cozy and comfortable.

Our choice fell on a reindeer burger served in brioche bread with red onion jam, horseradish mayonnaise, chipotle jam, relish mayonnaise, smoked mushrooms, pickled red onion, lettuce, waffle fries and truffle mayonnaise.

It was an excellent choice. The burger that was fried with pink core was juicy and tasted amazing along with the side dishes. Waffle fries were new to us and they were crispy on the outside and soft inside.

If you are going to Iceland, we can safely recommend Sæta Svínid Gastropub.

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