When you turn 54

I have basically not been so busy celebrating my birthday in recent years, but it struck me that it should perhaps be done, so I clinked with the 54-year-old cake of all time.

The bottoms were 2 pcs. nut pies, which are my childhood cake favorites, soaked in alcohol and all. The recipe for it can be found here.

When you turn 54
When you turn 54

The cream is made from 1.5 large cans of whipped cream (not sugar), flavored with chocolate sauce and cream fix, to keep it better stiff. I put a thin layer of cream on the bottom and then I put on dessert slices, which I had divided in two, lengthwise. Then I put on a little more cream, before the top cake base was put on. I have sprayed the cream on the cake and decorated with French macaroons with vanilla, chocolate and coffee flavors. In addition, I put on chocolate eggs and cake decorations from Cacas. The numbers are shooting stars and should say it looked cool, when they were lit at the table.


Then all that remains is to just sing: "When you turn fifty-four…."

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