Easter and home coziness

Easter and home cooking are some of the best things I know. They can say what they want about an Easter trip in the mountains, but I really like being at home right then. There is nothing better than when you can sit in the sun wall, with a glass of wine and hear the sound of snow melting and enjoy the first onion plants, which stick out of the ground.

It's nice to decorate the house at Easter, with beautiful flowers, like this one from my Interflora store.

Easter and home coziness

I do not have much Easter decorations, but I present what I have, like this Easter hen in wood.

Easter and home coziness

I found the cute Easter chickens on Nille many years ago.

Easter and home coziness
Easter and home coziness


The most cozy thing I bring out, my mother has embroidered, a beautiful Easter runner.

I bought three Easter eggs in porcelain, a few years ago, at Mester Grønn, and they are still just as nice, and just as popular, when they are filled with delicious Easter sweets.

I bought the cute little Easter nest at Step In in Hokksund. I've had it for many years, but it's still as nice as when I bought it.

When I have finished the Easter decorations and the lamb is in the oven, all I have to do is sit down and enjoy the Easter weather and the delicious smell from the dinner, which almost makes itself.

If you need inspiration for the Easter lamb, you can check here .


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