The joys of life

Welcome to my new blog. I want to write about food and interior pleasures. I've been interested in food since I was little. My mother was almost mad that I always had to lift the boiler lids and check what was going on. I remember particularly well that she said: "There are still potatoes in that pot, yes." Eventually it became more than peeking and I started to cook myself.

As an adult, I am always excited about new, exciting ingredients and dishes, but I have also taken care of the traditional diet from childhood, in addition to the fact that I have learned to make traditional food from other parts of the country.

Since we love to travel, we take a lot of inspiration from other countries and cultures home again. I always buy a cookbook with local dishes, which I enjoy and try out at home.

The interest in interior design has always been there, but has taken off a bit after I moved in with my boyfriend, who is so good with his hands as well as seeing the possibilities in any plank pile. You will see pictures of his hobby production here.

I hope you can enjoy my blog and welcome feedback from you, with requests for topics.