What happened?

What happened? I don't quite understand it, but yesterday it said 49 on my blog.

It's clear that I was a little startled when I discovered this change today. Now that I've felt a little behind, everything is as it was yesterday, except for the strange number. I was waiting for the thirty-year crisis, which never came and the forties crisis that didn't materialize. Now I think the fifties crisis has been cancelled as well.

I have taken time off from work today and am going to a restaurant with my boyfriend tonight. Yesterday the children and girlfriend of one of them had dinner with us and it was very nice. The great thing about turning 50 is that you get so many congratulations and that they sing the birthday song for you at work. False modesty does not suit me either, so instead of saying that gifts are not necessary, I would say, I think gifts are fun and I probably will not grow from that for a while. I received some wonderful and nice gifts yesterday, so thank you very much, I really appreciate it! The nice words on their cards warmed up too.

Now just go out and meet the day. I look forward to life as a proud 50-year-old.

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