Asbjørn's aunt's meringue cake

Asbjørn's aunt's meringue cake is reminiscent of the best in the world, but I think it's even better.

5 egg whites

250 g sugar

3 never (2 cups) cornflakes

7 dl cream

1 box of sour cream

Fruit and berries of your choice, e.g. canned tangerines, frozen wild berries, grapes or the like. raspberry

Dry raspberries


Procedure on Asbjørn's aunt's meringue cake:

Whisk sighs and egg whites stiffly. Mix in cornflakes, which are crushed in the hands. Pour into a paper-lined long pan. Bake at 150 degrees for 1 hour. Divide the bottom across when it is taken out of the oven and is still hot.

Whip the cream and mix in the sour cream. Spread the cream mixture over one bottom and place the desired fruit / berries. Remember to pour off the juice, if you use frozen berries. Lay the other bottom on top and decorate Asbjørn's aunt's meringue cake with powdered sugar and dried berries.

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