Denmark: Torvehallerne in Copenhagen

Every town we are on holiday in, with a food market, is visited by us. Copenhagen has two really exciting food markets and Torvehallerne is one.

Watching food may be a special hobby, but I think it's a lot of fun and sad at the same time, when I think that there is nothing similar in my area.

In the market halls it is possible to buy home ingredients and prepare your own, but there is also plenty of small seating, where you can enjoy the delicious food along with a glass of wine.

The selection is huge and there is something for everyone.

At several of the stalls you can sit and watch the food being prepared.

Since we have been to Torvehallerne several times, we would like to vary the stops a bit and this time we ended up in front of a small shed where they were making various pasta varieties.

If you travel to Copenhagen, Torvhallerne is only a short taxi ride from the city center and it costs about NOK 100. to get there. Well worth every penny.