Danish open sandwich with liver pate

Danish smørrebrød is rye bread or other coarse bread that is greased with butter and covered with toppings. Smørrebrød is often called Denmark's national dish and was created to meet the need to eat outside the home. Danish smørrebrød is generous and tasty. This sandwich is rye bread with homemade liver pâté, bacon, aroma mushrooms, radish sprouts, pickled red onion and pomegranate.

Danish smørrebrød goes well as a lunch dish. Half a portion also goes well as an appetizer, but then it is good to warm the bread with liver pâté, mushrooms and bacon in the oven, before adding the rest.

You can use coarse Danish liver paste from the store, or if you want to make it yourself, find a recipe for my liver paste HERE.

Pickled red onion can be found recipe for HERE.

For 1 portion you need:

1 slice of rye bread, e.g. pumpernickel, split in half

2 generous slices of liver paste

2 slices of bacon, crispy fried

4 slices of aroma mushrooms, browned in butter

2 pinches of radish sprouts

2 fork catches red onion

1 tablespoon pomegranate seeds

Put the liver pâté on the disc and dander the rest up to your liking.

Danish open sandwich with liver pate
Danish open sandwich with liver pate


You can find more delicious food recipes from Denmark HERE.


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