Merry Christmas to all Aperitivos readers

Now the Christmas feeling really begins to say inwardly to us. We start, like many others, by watching traditional films on TV. I, for my part, have to see three nuts for Cinderella and discovered a little abruptly a few years ago that I was starting to grow up well, when the prince had become a child and that the king had become the handsome one.

At 12.00 we eat millet. During the years I have lived, I think I have only been twice without mule. The first time I was a baby and fed on milk. The second time I remember well. I was really disappointed when we were served rice porridge. Not that there is anything wrong with porridge, but it will be completely wrong on Christmas Eve, when you already have a nice tradition and the almonds did not help either.

I got good help from Ripasso during the Christmas decorations this year. Fortunately, he does not hang in the Christmas tree.

With us, the Christmas decorations start outside. I think it's so nice to meet this sight when I get home. The stairs are not that big, but we have room for two chairs and a small table. I have decorated with some cozy Santa pillows and a Christmas tablecloth.

I bought the cute snowmen many years ago and they have a permanent place outside at Christmas.

I got the sweet Christmas tree from my stepmother and the piece is crocheted at home.

In the hallway are a pair of Santa slippers and a basket of Christmas headgear. Everyone who comes to visit us on Christmas Eve can borrow, so they get in the Christmas spirit.

I gangen står også maten til julebukkene klar. Jeg er like lykkelig hver gang det kommer noen julebukker på besøk.

The old, wood-burning stove must of course also be decorated for Christmas.

På den ene kjøkkenbenken har jeg lagt noen kokebøker med juleoppskrifter og vinflaskene har fått juleantrekk.

I have chosen to use green tablecloths today. They fit perfectly with the beautiful flowers that Kari in my local Interflora shop has set up. I look forward to setting the table later today.

Jeg gikk litt amok i skattholdet i går, så pyntingen to litt overhånd. Vi pleier å sette velkomstdrinken her.


The living room in the first is mostly decorated with gray, white, silver and a little gold. I think it creates a lovely calm.


Denne julekrybba har jeg hatt i mange år. Jeg synes den er så sjarmerende, med de lubne figurene.

Julelykten og de koselige nissene har fast plass i trappa opp til andre etasje.


Lyst på litt inspirasjon til julematen? Du finner mange spennende og tradisjonsrike juleretter, både til selve julemiddagen, julefrokosten, kaker og måltider de andre dagene i jula HER.

Med dette vil jeg ønske alle AperitivoMats lesere en riktig fin og fredfull julefeiring!