Iceland: Islenski Barinn – Fermented shark

Iceland: Islenski Barinn serves fermented sharks and stockfish. I had decided to eat fermented shark in Iceland long before I got there, and I spent some time trying to find a place that served it as a lunch dish.  The choice fell on the gastropub Islenski Barinn, which by the way is worth a visit even if you do not want to eat sharks.

A lunch portion consists of 6 small cubes of shark, a cup of stockfish and a little butter, which the stockfish should be dipped in, before enjoying.

The accessory is liquor, which is used to wash the glory down with and toothpicks, to impale the shark with. For this dish, you will also get a small course on how best to enjoy it.

When I opened the lid of the shark and smelled, I was shocked by the violent ammonia smell, but I'm not the type to give me that easily, so I went in for tasting as well. The taste was much better than the smell and all the shark was consumed. A bit special, but I'm going to eat it again, if I get the chance. The stockfish, dipped in butter was a favorite and tasted great with my red wine.

I can highly recommend this restaurant, with delicious food and friendly staff, and you can find their website HERE.


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