Strawberry caipirinha tastes good all year round, but is of course extra good when the Norwegian strawberries arrive in early summer. Common caipirinha is a Portuguese drink and caipirinha with strawberries is a variation of it. The recipe is suitable for 2 small drinks or one large one.

1 lime

100 g strawberries

40 g raw cane sugar

8 cl cachaça or light room


Ev. soda water

Fresh mint

Rinse the paste well in lukewarm water and cut it into small cubes, about 1 x 1 cm. The shell should be on. Clean and cut the strawberries into the same size cubes as the paste. Stir together lime, strawberries, almost all the sugar and rum in drink glasses and season if more sugar is needed. Stir in ice cubes, mint leaves and possibly a splash of soda.



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