Germany: Dinner in Hanover - Kilimanjaro

In Hanover is a restaurant with food from the western part of Africa. It can be difficult to get a table, because there is a high mood there. If you want a discreet waiter, this is not the place, because here the whole restaurant is entertained, all the time.

The reason we wanted to eat there was that they advertised zebra on the menu, but for some reason they were empty, so there were a few different other dishes. Everything tasted perfectly ok, but nothing wow from here. The starter was various baked and fried things. Tasted low and fat. Could have liked some good sauces with exciting spices.

I ordered chicken in peanut sauce for main course. It was also perfectly ok, but tasted a little small. If I'm going to this restaurant again, I'll check that the zebra is in place first.