Natural and Nordic table

Natural and Nordic table is beautiful, I think. Table setting is one of the pleasant preparations, when I have company. I like to vary the style according to the season, what kind of company it is and according to what kind of food I will serve.

Today I will have the grown children for dinner and I will set the table in a relaxed and natural, Nordic style.

I have chosen beautiful, tassely runners and napkins, named Trine, from the BGA photo shop. They fit this style perfectly and they are available in natural colours as well, if you prefer. I have put the napkins a little "randomly" and tied on old-fashioned packing slips with hemp string, like place cards.

If you would like to try this style, you will find the textiles I have used here:

Stylish interior design in Scandinavian design – BGA (

They also have lots of other delicious things, for all the rooms in the house and in many styles, so there should be something for everyone.

I save on fine twigs from the garden and the nature around me, so I have taken them out and distributed throughout the middle of the table. I've also been to the flower shop and bought a Christmas rose, from which I've cut flowers and leaves. I have put them in small vases around the table. I also got some swivels cheaply, because they near the end of flowering. I've washed them clean of soil and put them on with the onion and everything. Finally, I've put in little tea light holders here and there.

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