Norway: Basso social

Basso social in Storgata in Oslo, was a positive surprise. The fact that we decided to eat at this particular restaurant was the result of googling, in connection with a concert we were going to.

The concept is that you can choose dishes from the menu and end up with a 3-course, for example. You can also choose a 10-course for kr. 748,- or 13-course menu for NOK. 898,- and possibly with wine package. We chose 13 dishes and got a taste of all the dishes on the menu.


Rettere were served three and three, with wine, then a total of 5 wines for our package. The first three dishes, referred to as snacks in the menu, were these, and only a mouthful of each. The mini pie, in particular, was a flavor bomb, but all three tasted delicious.

  • Smoked biscuit – Pancetta – Ricotta
  • Waffle – Tartare – Pickled mustard seeds
  • Mini pie – Langoustine – Lemon

Then it was time for starters:

  • Chicken – Seared onion peel – Sofrito
  • Fried scallop – Browned butter – Mandarin
  • Stracciatella – Pickled tomatoes – Smoked salt

The first of the appetizers is a tasty soup, which, along with the scallop, were our favorites.

After the starters, came the big favorite of the evening, which was the risotto. It's always on the menu and not without reason

  • Creamy risotto – Mascarpone – Truffle

It was served at the same time

  • Bell pepper – Pepperonata – Parmesan



  • Seared tuna – Dehydrated veal – Capers

which was a vitello tonnato, with a Nordic twist. Both of these dishes also tasted very good.


It was finally time for main courses, and it's not like you choose one of them, you get served all three – at the same time.

  • Bresaola – Parmesan – Fried garlic
  • Pink-roasted duck – Sweet glaze – Cappelli
  • Homemade pasta – Salsiccia – Parsley

My clear favorite among the main courses was the duck breast, which was served rose-roasted, with a glaze made with blood orange and deep-fried cappelli pasta.

The last dish of the day, of course, was the dessert:

  • Tiramisu – Homemade ice cream – Mascarpone

It was a kind of deconstructed tiramisu with a lot of coffee flavor and a dignified ending to a memorable meal.

The experience:

The wines were selected with perfection, to fit each sequence of the meal and it is part of the story that the staff is pleasant and professional. We are happy to return to Basso social when the menu is renewed, which happens four times a year.



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