Easter girl kiss

Easter girl kisses are delicious yellow meringues, which are great to decorate cakes and desserts with, or enjoy as sweets. They are very durable, put in a tight cake box and put in a dry place.

6 room temperature egg whites

450 g sugar

1/2 ts salt

2 teaspoons lemon juice

Yellow pastry color, I use cacas

Rub the whipping bowl with the salt and lemon. Add the egg whites and 1/3 of the sugar and beat it lightly. Add the rest of the sugar little by little and drizzle in pastry color until you are happy with the color of the Easter girl kisses.

Fill the meringue into a spray bag and spray small tops on baking paper. I usually make slightly different sizes, for different uses. Put the Easter girl kisses in the oven at 60-70 ° C for approx. 2 hours to dry.


Easter girl kiss
Easter girl kiss


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