Lean Pogača

Posna Pogača is a white bread that is eaten in the Balkans, Hungary, Turkey and Greece. The bread is called slightly differently in the different countries (Pogača, Pogacha, Pogácsa, Pošaça, Pogaçe). The bread can either be served completely without additional ingredients, or it can be mixed into potato, cheese, garlic, sesame seeds, sunflower kernels, poppy seeds, spices or herbs in the flour.

550 g mel, helt tipo 00

1 ts salt

1/2 pk yeast

1 tablespoon sugar

1 tbsp olive oil

About. 3 dl cold water

Knead everything well together and let the dough rise to double size. Knead again and bake out into a whole round loaf of bread. Place the bread on baking paper, prick it with a fork and rub the top with a little olive oil. Do not cover, but let the bread rise to double the size in a warm place. Bake at 190 degrees for 30 min. before lifting it and thumping it underneath to check if it's fully cooked. The sound should be hollow. Cool Posna Pogača on a rack.

Lean Pogača
Lean Pogača

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