Vietnamese salad with nuoc name dressing

Vietnamese salad with nuoc namdressing is fresh and crispy. Vietnamese cuisine offers many flavors and here you get them all in one salad, both sour, strong, sweet and sour. You can make this salad the day before it is to be served. I recommend using Vietnamese fish sauce in the dressing for the best possible taste.

1 pose reven gulrot (eller riv grovt selv)

1 paprika

1/4 isbergsalathode, finsnittet

1/2 agurk, i små terninger

1/2 rødløk, finsnittet

Everything is mixed in a bowl.

Namdressing water:

1 sterk rød eller grønn thaichili

1 fedd revet hvitløk

1 ss sukker

1,5 ts riseddik

1,5 ss friskresset limejuice

1,5 ss thai fiskesaus (nam plah) eller vietnamesisk fiskesaus (nuoc nam)

1,5 ss nøytral olje (solsikke, mais eller peanøtt)


Mix all the ingredients for the dressing and pour over the salad

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