Denmark: Danish open sandwiches

Danish open sandwiches are a matter of course when we are in Denmark. There are so many varieties and common to them all is that they taste great and look gorgeous.

Besides, you get stuffed with them, because they are bigger than they look in the picture here.

The open sandwich on the left is beef tartar. It is raw chop dough, or sometimes raw tenderloin, which is scraped into dough. The accompaniment is usually a delicious horseradish cream and capers. It is always eaten with raw egg yolk.

The open sandwich on the right is mom's favorite, shooting star. It is breaded plaice, with remoulade, shrimp, roe and various other goodies.

If you have not tried this in Denmark, I would definitely recommend it. We ate these at a random restaurant in Nyhamn in Copenhagen and the name? Nyhavn 17.

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