Tarragon chicken with lovely sauce

Tarragon chicken with delicious sauce is a great dish for both everyday and company. Tarragon and chicken breast go perfectly together. This sauce tastes delicious for chicken, but can also be used for beef.

3 store sjalottløk

1 fedd hvitløk

1 ss kyllingfond

1/3 ltr fløte

1 neve finhakket, frisk estragon

Salt and pepper

Shallots and garlic are finely chopped and fried golden in butter. Add chicken stock, cream and tarragon. Boil down to a nice sauce consistency. Season with salt and pepper.

1 – 2 chicken fillets per person are seasoned with salt, pepper and dried tarragon, before frying golden in a pan. If you'd rather take your chicken breasts in sous vide, you can season it and vacuum it with a little butter or oil, before putting it in sous viden at 61 degrees for 1 hour. Then quickly brown it in a little butter in the frying pan.

Serve with a good salad and boiled potatoes or rice.

Tarragon chicken with lovely sauce
Tarragon chicken with lovely sauce


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