France: Breakfast in Antibes

We have just been to Antibes and since the breakfast at the hotel was not particularly exciting, we chose to look for other options. We found a cozy eatery in the old town called Les filles des micocoulier. They served both regular English breakfast and French breakfast, but we thought it was exciting to try npoe again, so the choice fell on galettes.

It is a kind of pancake, completely gluten-free and with coarse flour, so we chose to believe that it is a healthier alternative. We could choose between several types of filling and whether we wanted it served flat or rolled up. We chose one of each type and were not disappointed. The flat is filled with four different cheeses and the rolled one with ham and cheese. It was also served with a sour cream, added finely chopped chives.

It was a delicious, filling meal and if you are in Antibes, I can really recommend this place. We also stopped by two days later and were reasonably impressed when the waitress remembered exactly what we had eaten and drank two days earlier.