Georgia has proud food traditions, which are inspired by the fact that they were located along the Silk Road in addition to the fact that they have been invaded by various countries throughout the ages. They have adopted flavors from the Mediterranean, the Arab countries, Persia, India and Mongolia, but they have added their own touch to the food. Bread is an absolutely essential part of all meals and bread from Georgia is special. They are baked in special clay ovens and a tasty example is khachapuri, which can be served completely plain, or it can be served with e.g. cheese and an egg fried on top of the bread, like a kind of pizza.

Examples of food from Georgia are khilankali, which are dumplings with different fillings, mitzvadi, which are skewers of meat. The cheese plate and mushrooms in various forms are also popular food.

Georgia was probably the first country in the world to produce wine, since archaeologists have found clay jars with remains of grapes from 6000 BC. They are major producers of orange wine, which is in demand during the day. Orange wine, which is cloudy, with the freshness of a white wine and the rich and bitter texture of a red wine, can be difficult to understand when served alone or with a single dish. It comes into its own when served with a good meal with e.g. mushrooms, pie, beets, pickled fish, cheese and walnuts.



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