White pizza with bacon and pineapple

White pizza with bacon and pineapple is not so common, but very good. I am becoming increasingly fond of white pizza and have tried my hand at many varieties. If pizza sauce is easy to make, only crème fraîche, garlic, salt and pepper.

Start with the bottom. You will find a recipe for a delicious pizza base her


1 boks crème fraîche

1 revet hvitløk, eller hvitløk fra tube

Salt and pepper

1 rødløk i strimler

1 pk aromasopp i skiver

A little oregano

1 boks ananasbiter

1 pk bacon, strimlet og sprøstekt i eget fett

Mix crème fraîche and garlic and season with salt and pepper. Spread the mixture over the pizza base. Add cheese and spread the rest of the ingredients over. Bake a little below in the middle of the oven on full heat until the top is golden.

White pizza with bacon, mushrooms and pineapple
White pizza with bacon and pineapple

You can find recipes for more than 30 pizza varieties HERE.

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