Confirmation cake

When I was going to make a confirmation cake for a confirmant who wanted a burgundy theme, I quickly abandoned the idea of making burgundy cream and ended up decorating with burgundy details instead. I am very fond of nut tart, so it was and I made two pieces, so it would be a little height on the cake. In addition to macaroons and ready-made decorations, I have made chocolate decorations from white chocolate, which I have sprinkled on some cake decorations and burgundy powder. It is very simple and you can see how it is done here .

The cake bases (multiplied all by 2):

2 egg

1 dl sugar

100 g hazelnut kernels, ground

2 tablespoons wheat flour

3/4 teaspoon baking powder

Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy. Carefully mix in the rest of the ingredients and pour into a small, greased springform pan. Bake the nut pie at 175 degrees for 25-30 min.

Check with a thin stick, if it is done and fry if necessary. some min. to, if there is dough hanging on the stick. Cool the nut pie on a wire rack.

Soak with 1 tablespoon cognac, mixed with a little water per bottom. If you do not want to use brandy, I think Bristol Cream or another similar sherry is a good alternative.

Make the cream from 1.5 large cans of cream whipped to a cream without adding sugar. Season with chocolate sauce from a bottle (mixture of brown and white chocolate) and cream fix, so that it stays stiff. Soak the bottom and put a thin layer of cream on it. Then lay on the top bottom and soak it. Use a cream sprayer to make rosettes and decorations with the homemade chocolate decorations, French macaroons and cake decorations from Cacas.

Then I hope that the cake tasted and that the confirmant was happy with the big day!


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