Salmon appetizer with shrimp, roe and horseradish cream

This salmon is served raw, so I always use Salma, which tastes fresh and is vacuum-packed. I buy fresh shrimp, which I peel myself and large roe on glass, since I think it is most decorative.


1 dl creme fraiche

15 g grated horseradish

1 teaspoon lime juice

Everything is mixed and put cold to use


200 g salmon fillet, preferably Salma

200 g smoked salmon

Juice of 1 lime

1 handful of finely chopped basil

1⁄2 ts pepper


Some shrimp

Roe on glass

Deadline basil

Radish sprouts or other greens

Finely chop the fish with a sharp knife. Mix together all the ingredients. Serve on the plate with horseradish cream, shrimp, roe, fresh basil leaves and radish sprouts or other greens. Serve some crispy biscuits.

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