Panna cotta with raspberry coulis

Panna cotta with raspberry coulis is a perfect dessert to serve to many guests. Pannacotta is the Italians' answer to caramel pudding.

This recipe gives a panna cotta with a lovely consistency and it can be prepared the day before, if you like. This recipe is suitable for 8 people.
Panna cotta:

10 dl cream

200 g sugar

5 gelatinplater

2 vanilla sticks

Put the gelatin in a little cold water, so it becomes jelly-like.

Slowly boil 2 dl of the cream, together with the sugar and vanilla sticks divided in half and the seeds scraped out. The seeds must also be included. Let the mixture boil for two minutes.

Squeeze out the water of the gelatin and mix it into the cooked cream mixture. Add the rest of the cream and strain the panna cotta into 8 portion forms. Set the molds cold until to serve.


1.5 dl water

1.5 dl sugar

500 g raspberries

A few drops of lime juice

Boil water and sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Run the raspberries for a few seconds with the hand mixer and mix in the sugar sheet. Pour the mixture through a sieve and season with lime juice.

Pour the coulis over the panna cotta when serving and garnish with fresh berries and/or a mint leaf.

Panna cotta with raspberry coulis
Panna cotta with raspberry coulis


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