Poke bowl with salmon and super rice

Poke bowl is originally from Hawaii, but is spreading all over the world. This is not so surprising, because it tastes good, is healthy and easy. When I was in Hawaii, the poke bowl was the very best I ate, they had a strong and a mild sauce and added them in proportions, so it suited every single palate. If you look at the shelves of foreign foods in the store, there is something called poke sauce, which tastes good and not so strong. It is often near the soy sauce. Here is a simple recipe for poke bowl.

4 servings of super rice, or quinoa or wild rice

400 g salmon in diced salmon

2 dl poke sauce

1 mango in cubes

2 spring onions in strips

1 bag of raw food mixture of your choice

1 red pepper in strips

Boil the super rice according to the instructions on the bag. I use a little more water, so it gets a little more boiled. Mix the salmon with poke sauce and let it marinate a bit in the fridge. Place the super rice in the bottom of 4 bowls, then distribute the salmon and vegetables.

Feel free to decorate the poke bowl with fresh herbs or sprouts. Serve with more of the sauce.

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