Spain: Sugar & Spice restaurant on La Manga

Sugar & Spice is my favorite restaurant on La Manga del Mar Menor. The French owner is always smiling and nice and it almost always gets full there, so there are more than me who like it.

They have an absolutely wonderful carpaccio, as an appetizer. It is a large portion, which can be eaten as a main course, or divided into two. If you ask for two to share, they come with two additional plates, so you can distribute as you wish. The dressing tastes absolutely beautiful. I have tried to ask for the recipe, but it is a secret.


The House wine

The house wine has been the same for many years and can be safely recommended, despite the name, which I think is funny.

I have eaten many of this restaurant's dishes over the years and have always been satisfied. By the way, I would like to highlight the tuna tataki, as my favorite.

At La Manga it can be difficult to get desserts other than the ones the restaurants buy, but at Sugar & Spice they make fantastic pancake desserts. In the picture above you see the signature pancake with pear. It's called sugar & spice.

The pancake in the picture below is with banana and caramel. On both, you have to ask for ice cream, if you want it.

This is always a delicious end to the meal, so it's smart to save some space in your stomach for dessert.