Strawberry Mojo

Strawberry Mojo

Strawberry Mojo – or strawberry mojito is a variation of mojito, which comes from Cuba. If you love rum, make it with it, but it's great with vodka instead.

4 cl vodka or light rum
1/2 sliced lime
3 Strawberries
1 teaspoon brown sugar
Mint leaves
Club soda

Mash lime, strawberries, mint and sugar in a cocktail shaker with a porter or mudler. Add ice, pour into vodka or rum and shake well. Pour into a large highball glass, refill with ice cubes full up with Club soda.

Strawberry Mojo is garnished with a fresh cherry and mint leaves.

Strawberry Mojo can be made as a welcome drink for many in a large bowl, but remember to add the soda water just before serving.

Strawberry Mojo
Strawberry Mojo


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