Stuffing for turkey - our favorite stuffing

There are endless possibilities for stuffing turkey, but this is our favorite.

500 g pork dough

500 g minced meat

2 red onions, finely chopped

100 g lutefisk bacon

2 dl raisins

2 dl port wine

100 g hazelnuts, coarsely chopped

2 egg

1 ts pepper

2 ts salt

Put the raisins in port overnight.

Brown the bacon in a dry frying pan. Take it out and brown the onion well in the remaining fat.
Knead everything well and bake a small test bowl. Add any more spices.
What you don't stuff in the turkey, you can put as a cake next to it during the roasting of the turkey.

Stuffing in the oven
Stuffing in the oven

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