The best day of Christmas - 1st Christmas Day

Christmas Day is the best day of Christmas, I think. We sit down at the breakfast table at 12.00 and there we sit, until the system goes to bed. We serve lots of delicious dishes. This is originally a Danish tradition, but it is really something to adopt.

To give a taste of what it's all about, I've uploaded some pictures:

On the first plate, I serve leftovers from Christmas dinner, ribs, medister cakes, Christmas sausages and sausages. The next dish contains several types of roll, jam and bacon sausage.

Of course, Christmas pie is also included.

I have my own fish platter, which contains peppered mackerel and cognac-grilled trout. These are served with egg and butler sauce. I always make several types of herring. These vary from year to year. Here I have pickled salmon, horseradish herring, herring in the green, white herring, mustard herring with green apples and Tabasco herring.

Finally, of course, we need a platter of cheeses. This year I have blue stilton with port wine, Christmas brown cheese and well-aged edams. I serve the cheese with biscuits, gingerbread and fig jam.

In addition, I present cranberry jam, pickles and home-baked bread. I make the dough the day before and bake and fry in the morning. When everything is laid out, all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

You can find the recipes I use for Christmas Day and several other Christmas recipes here .

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