Homemade vanilla ice cream with herbal sugar

Homemade vanilla ice cream with herbal sugar is absolutely delicious. I remember well the very first time I made ice cream. It was in the kitchen school at secondary school. We each got our own little plastic cup, which we wrote our name on and filled with home-made ice cream. We put the beaker in the freezer and had to stir it every fifteen minutes, so that no crystals would form in it. The result tasted absolutely fantastic, I remember.

I was lucky enough to get a new gelato machine as a 50th birthday present and it has been extensively used. Here is a recipe for vanilla ice cream, which tastes absolutely delicious. I have served it with herb sugar and biscotti.

2 good quality vanilla sticks (eg Tahiti)

5 dl milk

3 dl cream

6 egg yolks

200 g sugar

Split the vanilla beans lengthwise and scrape out the seeds. Slowly boil the milk and cream with the vanilla pods including seeds. Take the pot aside and let it steep for 20 minutes under the lid. Beat the egg yolks and sugar to make an egg mixture. Add the milk and vanilla mixture to the egg mixture while stirring. Pour the mixture back into the pot and heat to 80 degrees while stirring until it thickens, preferably use a thermometer. Strain the mixture into a bowl and cool. Run the vanilla ice cream in an ice cream machine until it is ready. If you don't have an ice machine, you can put it in the freezer in a regular bowl and stir every half hour, until it is stiff. The result is almost as good as with a machine.


Herbal sugar:

The herbal sugar is made by running 100 g of sugar, finely grated rind from 1/2 a lime and 2 dl of fresh herbs (e.g. gaukesir or mint) in a food processor. Spread it out on a plate and let it dry a little, before sprinkling it over the dessert, or store it in a tight box until ready to use.

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