Braided fish with delicious pasty sauce

Braided fish looks quite stylish. Here I have used salmon and cod, but you can also use other fish. I recommend that you use a mixture of white and red anyway, so that the braiding is clearly visible.

Calculate approx. 200 g of fish per serving. Start by dividing the fish into 2 x 2 cm strips. Place 3 strips on top of each other and stick through a toothpick. Braid the fish and put a new toothpick at the other end. You can do as I do, that you make portion braids, or you can make braids along the entire length of the fish.

Place the braids in a greased, refractory form, insert the baking thermometer into one of the braids and bake it in the 180 g oven until the baking thermometer shows 57 degrees. It takes approx. 10-15 minutes.

Here I have served the braided fish with oven-baked pearl potatoes, cucumber salad and pastissauce sauce.

pastry sauces:

2 finhakkede løk

3 gulrøtter i terninger

1 fedd finhakket hvitløk

1/2 fennikel i terninger

100 g smør

2 fiskebuljongterninger

1 dl hvitvin

1 dl Pastis (eller et annet anisbrennevin)

1/3 ltr fløte

1 boks crème fraîche

1 god neve finhakket kjørvel

Sauté the onion, carrots, garlic and fennel in butter until the onion is tender. Add the stock cubes and white wine and cook until the moisture is almost gone. Add Pastis (or another anise liqueur), cream and crème fraîche. Boil and add a good handful of finely chopped chervil.

pastry chefs
pastry chefs

I have only divided the pearl potatoes into 2, put them in a little oil in a fireproof form, seasoned them with a little salt and pepper and fried them at 250 degrees for 30 minutes.

You can find recipes for several varieties of cucumber salad HERE .

Braided fish with delicious pasty sauce
Braided fish with delicious pasty sauce

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