Halibut soup

Halibut soup may not be served very often, but it tastes good and if you don't have access to halibut, feel free to use another white fish. This soup was made because of the remains of a halibut dinner, but if you have raw fish, it just has to stay in the soup longer so it's ready-made.

1 gulrot i små terninger

2 finhakkede hvitløksfedd

2 finstrimlede vårløk

1 dl hvitvin

2,5 dl fiskekraft

1/2 boks rømme

1 ts safran

5 dl melk

2,5 dl fløte



200 g kveiterester

50 – 100 g ferdigpillede reker

Saute carrot, garlic and spring onion in a little butter, Add 1 dl of white wine and cook by half. Add fish stock, sour cream, cream, saffron and milk. Bring to a boil, add the halibut and let it warm. Season with salt and pepper. Add the prawns, stir and serve steaming hot halibut soup, preferably with good bread.

Halibut soup
Halibut soup

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