Italy: Out eating in the back streets of Verona - ate something completely unusual

If you have not been to Verona, I can highly recommend it. A local lady told us about this little restaurant, called Osteria Trattoria Al Duomo, hidden in an alley and not so visible to tourists.

We made our way there and were directed to a cozy table a little back in the restaurant. I have to say we were a little surprised and charmed when the waitress came with the menu and wine list, both of which were handwritten on a thin piece of paper. Discontinued wines were only "removed" with a stroke of a pen.

For starters, we shared a platter of local cheeses and a lovely, liquid honey, to drizzle over.

The main course was the most exciting. We had been recommended Donkey, so of course we chose it. The meat was finely chopped and served with a lovely kraft, finely chopped parsley and homemade pasta. The dish tasted absolutely delicious and can really be recommended.

Verona is a city I want to return to. It has a lot to offer, including magical opera performances in the Arena and the city is just right for my taste.