Cod and sandefjord butter as Christmas dinner

Cod and sandefjord butter as Christmas dinner is common in Southern Norway. Since my bonus father is from Kristiansand, cod with sandefjord butter is on the table on Christmas Eve.

He travels to the fishing pier early in the morning on Christmas Eve and picks up the completely freshly slaughtered cod.

Two large slices of cod per person are soaked in water with a lot of salt for approx. 10 min.

Start with the sandefjord butter:

Boil a cup of cream with a bunch of finely chopped parsley. Add for approx. 250 g dairy butter little by little and boil gently between each batch so the sauce does not separate. When all the butter has been added, continue cooking gently until the right consistency. Here you have to try your hand at it. Serve cod and sandefjord butter with potatoes, mustard and possibly carrots. Merry Christmas!

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