Deviled eggs

Devil eggs are suitable as an accompaniment to smoked salmon, or as part of a smorgasbord or as a tapas dish. There are many recipes for devil eggs, but this is my favorite. Devil's egg becomesContinue reading " Devil Egg"

Tomato soup with eggs

Tomato soup with eggs is a classic that many have grown up with. Tomato soup is eaten in large parts of the world, but with some variations. It is made in almost the same way Continue reading "Tomato soup with eggs"

First Christmas day - Christmas lunch from kl. 12 and until we go to bed

Christmas Day is a nice day. All the Christmas preparations are over and it's time to enjoy yourself. We have a tradition of eating a long, long Christmas breakfast with beer andContinue reading "Christmas Day – Christmas breakfast from 12 noon until we go to bed"

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