Grilled white asparagus in Parma ham with hollandaise sauce

Grilled white asparagus in parma ham with hollandaise sauce is a delicious and tasty appetizer. It is served with a couple of lettuce leaves and grated Holtefjell XO from Eiker gårdsysteri. The cheese is quite reminiscent of a Parmesan and fits perfectly. You can make the job easy by buying ready-made sauce, or do like me, to make it yourself.


2 white asparagus per person

2-4 slices of Parma ham per person

Cut off the calloused part at the bottom of each asparagus and peel it with potato peels or similar. Roll ham around each asparagus and grill them for 3-4 minutes, they should not be soggy.

Hollandaise for 8 people:

4 dl water

60 g onions, finely chopped

1 bay leaf

2 tablespoons vinegar, 7%

1 ts salt

1 teaspoon crushed whole pepper

400 g butter, clarified

4 egg yolks

2 tablespoons lemon juice

Boil water, onion, vinegar, bay leaf, salt and pepper to half the liquid amount a small saucepan and strain off (that's the liquid you're going to use).
Beat the yolks well together in a bowl. Supplement with the liquid while whipping well all the time. Place the bowl in a water bath at about 80-90 degrees and beat until it becomes fluffy and thick, much like an egg dose. It is important that it does not get too hot, because then the sauce may separate.
Remove the bowl from the water bath and slowly add clarified butter as you continue to whip vigorously.
Season with salt and lemon juice.

Put lettuce leaves on a plate, put on asparagus, pour over sauce and garnish with basil.

Present the cheese and either grater or razor, so guests can decide the amount of cheese themselves.

Grilled white asparagus in Parma ham with hollandaise sauce
Grilled white asparagus in Parma ham with hollandaise sauce


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