Long-fried roast beef with a lovely sauce

I often cook meat that isn't as tender in the first place. Then even the toughest meat will be wonderfully tender. Here I have used a sautéed beef roast, Which I have browned quickly on all sides and put in a baking dish, along with 4 onions in large strips, 4 carrots in slices, 3 dl of water and 4 bay leaves.

Cover with aluminum foil and place deep in the oven at 65 degrees for 12-14 hours. Make sure that the core temperature does not get too high. If it starts to rise towards 65 degrees, the temperature in the oven must be reduced to 55 degrees.

Under a vacuum:

If you want to cook the beef roast in sous vide, vacuum it together with a little oil, pepper and laurel and put it in sous vide at 55 degrees for 48 hours. Then quickly brown it on all sides in a frying pan.


When the time comes for the meat to be taken out, I start with the sauce.

4 tablespoons butter

4 ss mel

Separated power from the roast beef

4 tbsp beef stock

1 dl cream

Salt and pepper

Melt butter in a saucepan, let it turn golden brown. Add flour and fry it together with the butter until it gets a golden nut color. It is important for the taste, that you use the time it takes and brown it well. Stir in the strained power from the roast beef little by little while stirring. Add beef stock and a cream. Season with salt and pepper.

Long-fried roast beef with a lovely sauce
Long-fried roast beef with a lovely sauce

Cut the roast into thin slices, serve with the delicious sauce, freshly cooked potatoes or a delicious mashed potato, the vegetables from the roast and e.g. cauliflower, romanesco or other vegetables you like.


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